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With the emergence of the novel coronavirus –   COVID-19   – in the news and classified as a pandemic, we want to provide you with accurate information.


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First and foremost, we want to assure you that we are here to take care of your pets.

What We Know:

  • Although COVID 19 has been found in a dog (1 dog in China), the current situation indicates that our pets don’t get sick from this virus, and are not a source of transmission to humans except as a fomite (an object or material that can carry infection.)
  • This means that if a virus particle lands on your pet from coughing or sneezing on them – it can then be passed to another person. 
  • The biggest issue with your pet as a fomite?
    • They are mobile (unlike your countertop) and can carry the virus particle with them wherever they go.
  • It is unknown how long the virus will last in the environment, but it is assumed to be at least several hours.
  • It is always recommended to wash your hands before and after handling your pet.

We are closely monitoring the situation and the recommendations to limit the spread. We are working with our team to be sure we follow those recommendations.

What We Are Doing:

  • Hand washing protocol is taken very seriously.
  • We are designating our practices as “no-handshake zones.”
  • Any team members with respiratory signs and/or a fever are required to stay home. 
  • We are extending appointment times to allow for more thorough cleaning
  • We are now utilizing curbside service
    • No clients are allowed inside our facilities
    • Please bring your cell phone so we are able to contact you during the appointment 
    • Please bring a credit or debit card as we are not accepting cash or checks at this time 
  • Need prescriptions refilled?
    • We can mail them to you through USPS, or have refills sent to you through our online store. 
      • You are responsible for the postage
      • We can take payment over the phone
    • Go to our Online Pharmacy.

Here is a great article to look to for information:

Please call us at any of our locations if you have any questions or concerns:

Aurora Veterinary Clinic: 330-562-5100

Mantua Veterinary Clinic:   330-274-8211

Streetsboro Veterinary Center: 330-422-1617


Below are some additional websites if you want more information:


And of course, the CDC website:


For Current Information In Ohio: