Aurora Veterinary Clinic

305 Aurora Commons Circle
Aurora, OH 44202


Pumpkin Insurance

Why Pumpkin Insurance? 

  • A year of parasite protection shipped to you 
  • Refund up to 3 annual vaccines at the vet (one for kitties) 
  • 90% eligible vet bills covered after deductible 
  • Hereditary and chronic conditions covered 
  • Sick visits and emergency care covered
  • Other pets, save 10%. 


How to enroll in Pumpkin Insurance and get money back from today's visit?

  1. Go to:
    Pumpkin Care - Streetsboro 

    Pumpkin Care - Mantua   OR

    Pumpkin Care - Aurora 
    within 14 days and answer a few quick questions to enroll!
  2. Pay for Preventatives and Insurance Plan 
  3. You are all set. Just email a copy of today's invoice to