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Returning Inside the Clinics

Clinic Update: Wednesday May 19th, 2021

We are happy to be returning to in-person appointments June 2, 2021.  We are grateful for your patience in allowing our team members (most of whom were in one of the last vaccination groups) time to be fully vaccinated.   

We are aware of the changes in protocol from the CDC.  However, we have no time or intention to be the vaccination police, so here is what our new normal looks like:  

  • Check in from your car by either phone or text.
  • Clients who wish to stay with Curbside Care may do so – just let us know at check in.
  • If you are not feeling well, let us know at check in and we will continue with Curbside Care. 
  • Medication refills and food pick up will remain Curbside Pickup, just let us know when you check in and we will bring everything out to you.

In Clinic:

  • Once you have checked in, one of our team members will direct you into an exam room.
  • For the short term, please wear a face cover any time you are within 3 feet of or in an enclosed space (exam room) with our team. Our team will be doing the same. 
  • Limit the number of accompanying humans to 1. (If you have children with you, please remain curbside.)
  • For your convenience, check out will be in the exam room.
  • Once the visit is complete you can return directly to your car.

Be Well.  Be Safe.  Be Kind.

Ellen Imhof, DVM

The Doctors and Teams at Aurora Animal Care Center 

Aurora – Mantua – Streetsboro

Be Kind.  Be Respectful.  This team has worked hard every day, taking care of your pets. We are family and support each other, working to stay safe and we were able to stay open throughout the last year.  Many clinics locally and across the country were not so lucky. 

We have had an increased caseload, increased call load, and many, many challenges to address.  Some of these issues are not going away any time soon.  We will continue to deal with backorders of medications and supplies, and allocations of others for the foreseeable future. 

Early on we gave PPE and our ventilator to the local hospital and will do so again if asked.  FIVE of our doctors volunteered with Ohio Responds working vaccine clinics to help.   

We understand that you are frustrated, so are we.  Keeping the lines of communication open in stressful situations is of utmost importance.  Although most of our clients have been patient, kind, and appreciative – the veterinary community nationwide has seen an increase in verbal abuse of our teams.  Please know that while we understand your frustration and concern, it is NEVER ok to take it out on our team in any way, shape, or form.  We are on your side.   Let’s continue to collaborate on the best care for your pets. 

Also, you may notice our team members wearing name tags with pictures (so you can remember what we look like under our masks) attached to a badge reel with the symbol of the Veterinary YOU MATTER awareness campaign. This campaign opens the door for our team members to get support during difficult times. In support of this team, disrespectful behavior of any kind will not be tolerated.