Heather T.

Registered Veterinary Technician


Heather started at Aurora Animal Care Center in March 2024. Originally from Toledo, Ohio and now residing in Parma, she always knew she wanted to pursue a career in vet med. At the age of 30 she fulfilled her dream by successfully completing her veterinary technician degree. Motivated by her passion and a desire to find purpose, Heather embarked on this journey while raising her son Logan setting an inspiring example of determination and perseverance. 

Joining our clinic was a natural fit for Heather, drawn by our Fear Free Focused practice, supportive work culture, and commitment to providing high-quality medicine. With specific interests in behavior medicine, nutrition, and dentistry, Heather continuously seeks to expand her knowledge and skills to better serve our patients and clients. 

Heather's dedication to excellence is evident in her numerous certifications and qualifications including her graduation from the Karen Pryor Academy as a certified training partner, her Fear Free Certified Level 3 status, and her Purina Certified Weight Management Counselor designation. She has extensive experience working in emergency medicine as well as being an educator to other technician students at two local colleges. 

At home, Heather is surrounded by her loving family including her partner Will, her Son Logan, stepdaughter Arianna, and granddaughter Nova. Their four-legged family includes Anubis the Doberman, Moa the German Shepherd Dog, cats Makin Muu and Pogo, three bunnies Jackie, Baby Bun, Tribble, and two Russian tortoises Zoomie and Gimpy. 

In her free time, she enjoys gardening, gaming, Renaissance Fairs, and hiking. She also participates in local rescues and animal shelters.