Kasey, a dedicated third-year veterinary student at Mississippi State University School of Veterinary Medicine, hails from Port Huron, Michigan, and has traversed the country to pursue her passion for veterinary medicine. Currently undertaking one of her externships at Aurora Animal Care Center, Kasey brings a commitment to excellence and a fervor for learning to the clinic.

Under the guidance of Dr. Matlock, Kasey benefits from the valuable experience and knowledge imparted by an experienced professional. Aurora Animal Care Center takes pride in fostering a culture of continuous education, and Kasey's mentorship under Dr. Matlock ensures that she receives comprehensive and insightful guidance throughout her short time at the clinic.

Our commitment to nurturing the growth of future doctors aligns seamlessly with Kasey's aspirations in the field. Post-doctorate, Kasey envisions herself contributing to a general practice with a focus on small animals and exotics. Her long-term goal includes achieving board certification in exotic medicine, showcasing her commitment to providing comprehensive care across diverse animal species.

kaseyBeyond the realm of veterinary medicine, Kasey exemplifies her passion for travel. She has actively participated in various veterinary study abroad programs, including a recent month-long expedition to Uganda, Africa, where she delved into wildlife conservation. When not exploring the world, Kasey finds solace outdoors, whether it's soaking up the sun, going for a run, or enjoying quiet moments on the couch with her cat, Bean (pictured above) reading a novel. Kasey's multifaceted interests and dedication to growth, combined with the guidance of Dr. Matlock, make her a valuable addition to the Aurora Animal Care Center family during her four week externship experience.