Aurora Veterinary Clinic / Boarding Tour

Aurora Veterinary Clinic

305 Aurora Commons Circle
Aurora, OH 44202


Boarding Facility Tour


Front Office

Skylights & Windows

*Located throughout the kennel, these allow your pet to maintain their circadian rhythm*

Cat Nap Inn

Delux Multi-Level Cat Condo

Cat Play Stall

Standard Cat Cage 

Bird Feeders

*Keeps your cat mentally stimulated during their stay*

Aurora Kennel 

Small Kennel

Medium Kennel 

*Option of combining two kennels together for house mates*

Large Kennel

XL Kennel 

Kennel Rooms

Backyard w/ Outdoor Runs & Patio

Outdoor Play Yard

"Watch Runs"

*Automatic access to outside for pets that cannot be handled*

Indoor Playroom 

Tub Room

*Only available to boarders*

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to give us a call!