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How to Request Medication & Food Refills:

How to request refills for your pet: 

1) Fill out this form


2) Get our App and request refills through there (link at bottom of screen)


3) Have it delivered to your door through our online store (link at bottom of screen)


4) Call one of the clinics & leave it on the refill line

Fill out the form below to request a refill of your pet's prescription medication or food! If you have multiple pets please submit a form for each of them. Please note: this form is ONLY for picking up food or medication at one of our physical locations.

*If you order from our online pharmacy click the link on the very bottom of the page*

Prescription & Food Refill Form

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Select which clinic location you want to pick up at: (required)
Please List the Medication(s) or Food you wish to have filled in the following format: Name, Dosage, Quantity, How often you give medication. EX: Simparica Trio 44-88lbs 6 month supply, 1 chew per month (required)

If this is a long term medication, would you like more than one month's supply if appropriate?

How is your pet doing on the current medication(s) or food? Please also state if you have any questions to be addressed in regards to their prescriptions. (required)

How would you like us to contact you when your refill is completed? (required)
*Please note, your pet MUST be up to date on required examinations and blood work in order to have prescription medications refilled.*
*A yearly exam is required for long term use of prescription food*

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