Scenarios cannot be taught, they need to be experienced:

Aurora Animal Care Center prides itself on mentorship and providing opportunities to support individuals developing a knowledge base and pursuing higher education in the field of veterinary medicine. The shadowing experience we offer is hands-off but immerses you in the world of small animal veterinary medicine. Individuals experience a diversity of cases and situations to appreciate what is involved. The time spent in our clinics can be tracked for future applications to professional programs. This shadowing experience is designed for current high school and undergraduate/graduate students.

NatalieWhy should you shadow a veterinarian?

Shadowing experience is an integral step to fulfilling application requirements for veterinary school admission. Shadowing provides a frame of reference to appreciate the many dimensions involved. 

  1. Real World Exposure: Shadowing allows you an authentic experience from the practitioner's perspective. Understanding the challenges and rewards of the veterinary profession is important when considering this as a career choice. 
  2. Career Exploration: There are many avenues to pursue. From government work, research, large animal, zoo, exotics, specialty, and general small animal practice, there are countless paths you can take upon completion of a DVM degree. Our practice focuses on general small animal medicine and surgery but some of our practitioners see reptile, avian, and small exotic patients. 
  3. First Person Learning: Witness various aspects of veterinary care including examinations, treatments, general surgery, and dental procedures. This provides exposure to medical practices in the profession.
  4. Appreciation of the Human-Animal Bond: Patients are presented by their owners and effective communication with them allows us to provide appropriate care. 
  5. Networking Opportunities: Our practice has the benefit of having more than 7 practitioners, Registered Veterinary Technicians, and other support staff divided between three locations. Working with different veterinarians and team members will give you varied insights and a greater breadth of knowledge. Networking is crucial for building relationships to support your growth in the profession.
  6. Future Employment: Shadowing can open doors within the clinic you are shadowing and present opportunities you would not expect. Previous shadow students have gone on to work in our practice as assistants and eventually doctors.  
  7. Application Readiness: Veterinary school applications require shadowing experience. The more the better.  Shadowing provides scaffolding to needed letters of recommendation also needed in the application process. 

If you are interested in shadowing at our practice, please fill out the form below.