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Our Staff


Veterinary Technicians 




Lerrissa has been with the Aurora Animal Care Center since 2005. She graduated from Stautzenberger College with an Associate of Applied Science in Veterinary Technology. Lerrissa furthered her education even more by becoming a Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner through the University of Tennessee of Veterinary Medicine. Lerrissa is also Fear Free Certified. While at the clinic, Lerrissa enjoys Anesthesia, Rehabilitation and Puppy and Kitten Socialization. Outside the clinic, Lerrissa has a husband, a daughter, a Pitbull named Bruce, a Mixed Breed named Rex and 2 cats, named Neko and Maseeka. In Lerrissa’s spare time, she enjoys reading books and DIY projects.

Lerrissa is fear free certified. 




Kathy has been in the Veterinary Field for nearly 30 years. In the beginning of Kathy’s career, she started caring for dairy animals and then transitioned in to small animal medicine. Kathy has been working with the Aurora Veterinary Clinic for the last 12 years now. She started working at the front desk before obtaining her license as a Registered Veterinary Technician in 2010. Kathy loves educating our clients, so their pets can receive the best care possible. “I appreciate the great team we have here at Aurora Veterinary Clinic and look forward to continuing my education to help our clients keep our beloved pets healthy and happy.”

Kathy is Fear Free certified. 




Lisa originally joined the Aurora Veterinary Care Center in 1999 and left in 2008 but rejoined our family in 2016 after living in Maui, Hawaii for a couple of years. Lisa graduated from Cuyahoga Community College with Associates of Applied Science in Veterinary Technology in 1999. She enjoys working at the practice because they give Registered Technicians the opportunity to utilize the skills they learned in school. Lisa has a husband, two boys Adam and Evan and 2 kitties, Bailey and Jackie. In her spare time, she likes to be outdoors, hiking or playing sports with her kids. 



Amber joined the Aurora Animal Care Center in 2017. She went to Stautzenberger College and graduated with Associates of Applied Science in Veterinary Technology in 2017. Amber holds a special interest in Oncology and enjoys working with her team. Amber has husband, Michael, four golden retrievers (Trigger, Ivory, Stella and Moose) and a cat named Thor. In Amber’s spare time she enjoys going to the beach and playing softball.




Joanna joined the Aurora Veterinary Care Center in 2008. She attended college at SUNY Fredonia, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in Biology. Soon after that, Joanna went to SUNY Delhi for Veterinary Science Technology and graduated in 2002. Joanna enjoys being part of one of the best Veterinary Hospitals in the area and that we are always striving to improve our standard of care. Joanna has a husband, 2 boys in elementary school and 2 dogs. They are currently trying to start an aquarium at home!

Veterinary Assistants


 Chris K.


Chris joined the Aurora Animal Care Center in April of 2019 but has been shadowing Dr. Kartley since 2010. She graduated from The Ohio State University with a Bachelor of Science in Zoology and a Minor in Physical Anthropology in 2018. She is currently attending veterinary school at Ross University school of Veterinary Medicine in St. Kitts and comes home during breaks to work at the clinics. She holds special interests in Internal Medicine, Rehabilitation, and Animal Behavior. Outside the clinic, Chris has two Flat-Coated Retrievers, Cricket and Bristle and a tuxedo cat named Nook. She enjoys hiking, kayaking, camping, and traveling. Also, few people know that she is an artisan soap maker!

Chris is Fear Free certified. 

Dallene F.


Dallene has been with the Aurora Animal Care Center since 2011. Dallene graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science and a minor in Plant Biology. She also holds a special interest in tick identification and tickborne diseases.  Dallene loves what amazing team we have here at Aurora Animal Care Center; We go above and beyond for each other inside and outside the clinic. Dallene has 2 cats, Itty Bitty Nitty Gritty Kitty and Fluffy and a Cockatiel named Pretty Bird. She enjoys visiting national parks, collecting, identifying and preserving insects ectoparasites. Dallene is also local beekeeper and encourages everyone to promote and protect honeybees from neonicotinoids, deforestation, colony collapse disorder and climate change.


Deanna started with Aurora Animal Care Center in July of 2020.  She attended Case Western Reserve University and graduated with a B.S. in Biology and minor in German in 2014.  Before joining AACC, Deanna worked in the Education Department of the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium.  She loves learning new things every day at the clinic.  Deanna’s dog Seamus lives in Columbus with her family, and she misses him every day, so she especially loves getting some extra cuddles with the patients when they want them!

Emma H.


Emma joined the Aurora Animal Care Center in 2018. She went to Stautzenberger College and graduated with Associates of Applied Science in Veterinary Technology in 2018. Emma holds a special interest in reconstructive surgery and animal training. Emma appreciates her entire team because we give the best care possible to our clients and patients. Emma has a Beagle/Bassett Hound mix named Rosie, a pittie named Nellie, a cat named Spice, and a kitten named JC.  In Emma’s spare time she enjoys crocheting and hiking. Every year Emma crochets hats and squids to donate to hospitals for children and babies. She also has started making blankets!


Jack joined Aurora Animal Care Center in July 2021. 


Josh started with Aurora Animal Care Center in August of 2021. He graduated from North Coast Medical Training Academy and has been in the veterinary field for 8 years. Josh loves working with animals and learning about new things on a daily basis. At home, he has a black lab named Rex and a plott hound named Xena as well as a cat named Duchess who likes to run the show at home!


Kenzie joined the Aurora Animal Care Center in December 2020 after finishing school at North Coast Medical Training Academy to become a Veterinary Assistant. She has always had an interest in veterinary medicine and enjoys the knowledge and experience she gains while working with the team. In the future, Kenzie hopes to continue her education to become a Registered Veterinary Technician. In her free time she enjoys reading, spending time with her family and listening to music.

Morgan S.


Morgan joined the Aurora Animal Care Center in 2015. She studied Veterinary Assisting at Northcoast Training Academy and Agriculture at Cisco College in Texas.  Morgan also served in the United States Army from 2010 to 2018 with 1 tour in Iraq. She has a special interest in Fear Free Practices and exotic pets.  Morgan looks forward to learning new things everyday here at the clinic and appreciates the team as she refers to the staff as more like family. She has daughter Marical, a pitmix named Buttercup, and two cats named Meeka and Nina. In her spare time, she enjoys being outdoors and doing activities such as hiking, swimming, horseback riding and fishing. What many people don’t know about Morgan is that she has traveled to Europe and 22 out of the 50 states!

Natalie N.


Natalie joined the Aurora Animal Care Center in October 2019. She has a degree in Health Service Adminstration and a minor in Information Systems from Slippery Rock University. Natalie is currently in school at Tri-C studying to become a Registered Veterinary Technician. She has a special interest in surgical procedures as well as cardiology. She lives in Stow with her Bernese Mountain dog Tito and her cat Lytta. In her free time she enjoys flea markets and shopping at local businesses. 

 Stacy R.


 Stacy joined the Aurora Animal Care Center in March 2015 but has been in the veterinary field since August 2001. She studied Zoology and Pre-Veterinary Medicine at Kent State University.  Stacy is Fear Free certified since January 2019 and has a strong passion for animal behavior. She admires Dr. Imhof's desire to keep a well educated staff so Dr. Imhof's team can administrator the best veterinary medicine to our patients and clients. 
   Stacy has 6 dogs:  Hoser ( aussie mix), Tanker (boxer), Captain (pittie mix), Winnie (border collie mix), Cami (Australian cattle dog-hiding in their picture) and LeeLee (lab mix). Also 5 cats Jack (DLH), Smolder (DSH), Nomax (DSH), SpitFire (DMH),  and Millie (DSH). If that's not enough she also has 2 snakes Houdini (ball python) and MoMo Candy (Corn Snake). All these furbabies (and 2 with scales) were rescues which is one of her passions as well. 
  Stacy helps a few rescue groups by fostering  - Animal Pawtectors is her number one group she helps, but has also helped Healthy Hearts and Paws Project and most recently AJ'S Search and Rescue. LeeLee is from AJ'S group and is actually furever foster due to LeeLee's medical condition with heart issues. Besides helping rescues during her down time, Stacy enjoys family time, the great outdoors either hiking or running 5ks with her dogs.
  Few extra fun facts about Stacy was that she was on a fire department for 16 yrs and future goals are becoming wildlife rehabilitator and dog trainer.
Stacy is Fear Free certified. 



Val joined the Aurora Veterinary Care Center in 1978. Val has grown with our practice and is integral part of our team. She loves helping animals and working with our amazing staff here at the clinic. Val lives in Paris Township with her 2 cats, Marblecakes and Naomi. Val drives a 1944 army jeep and in 2016 walked 600 miles across Spain on the Camino de Santiago!!


Christine H.

Practice Manager 


Christine joined the Aurora Animal Care Center family in 2014. She graduated from college in 1986 with a degree in Medical Laboratory Technology and has worked as a sales representative in both human and veterinary medicine before settling into her home here in Aurora. Chris enjoys interacting with our clients, patients and staff. She loves watching the clinic teams grow and the "above and beyond" care that we all give to our patients and to the community. Chris lives with her husband and their cat, Daisy.  She is an avid Cleveland Indians and Ohio State Buckeye fan. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her family, camping, travelling, reading and relaxing by a fire.

Client Service Team Members

Danielle K


Danielle joined the Aurora Animal Care Center in 2001. She takes a special interest and pride in helping our clients during the good and the bad times. Danielle admires that as a team we come together as a family in times of personal need. Danielle has a husband, Tim and two German Shepherds, Benny and Mae. In her spare time, she enjoys playing with her dogs, cooking, baking, reading, walking and travelling. Few people know that Danielle has seen most of the United States from the window of an 18- Wheeler. The only states Danielle has not seen yet is Vermont, Alaska and Hawaii!  




Gay joined the Aurora Veterinary Care Center in 1997. Gay enjoys working here because we are family and we all work together for the best outcome for the pet. Gay has 3 kids and  multiple pets such as cats, dogs, chickens, goats and horses.



Jackie lives with her husband Chuck and has 3 dogs Rogue, Storm and Phoenix, 3 cats Chad, Stan and Kenny and 6 chickens, Reba, Tanya, Shania, LeAnn, Miranda and Carrie and 2 goats on the way. She has been with Aurora Animal Care Center for around 4 years. She enjoys working with our clients and making sure their questions and needs are met. Jackie just started working on her business degree as well! During her free time she enjoys reading, kayaking, gardening and spending time with her family and friends.



Janet joined the Aurora Animal Care Center in November 2019. She has lived in Maryland for the past 20 years where she worked in the human medical field. Janet is married to her husband Matt and they have two children Samantha and Matthew. She has two dogs Bob the Weiner Dog and Zuri who is a German Shepherd and two cats Cinder and Ash. Janet likes to spend time with family and friends, having cookouts, bon-fires, kayaking and rooting on her Cleveland Indians but most of all spending time with her beautiful granddaughter.

Janet is Fear Free certified. 



Jen has been with the Aurora Animal Care Center since 2019. She graduated from Northcoast Medical Training Academy for Veterinary Assisting. She holds a special interest in Feline Nutrition and has a soft spot for FIV positive cats. Jen appreciates the family atmosphere and friendships between employees, clients and their pets. Jen has a house full of senior cats. When not at work Jen loves board games and trivia. Few people know that she collects gemstones and foreign coins. 

Jen is Fear Free certified. 


 Kim joined the team March 2021. She is a 2014 graduate of Northcoast Medical Training Academy. She enjoys working at  the clinic because she is able to help clients and their pets in their time of need. Kim has a daughter named Taylor, a son named Brian , and grandsons named Noah and Nyle. In her spare time she enjoys cooking, gardening and camping. Kimberly has 3 pitbulls named Thunder, Daisy and Ivy and 2 cats, Dolly and Echo.



Michelle joined the team in March 2020.  She was previously a banker for 10 years.  Michelle has four pets: a beagle named Molly,  a yorkie/shihtzu named Vern, a kitten named Georgia, and a cat named Ember.  Michelle likes spending time with family, friends, and really enjoys listening to all types of music. She loves to travel and seeks different types of adventures.  Michelle has gone sky diving and will be doing an 18 mile trek around the south rim of the Grand Canyon.

Michelle is Fear Free certified. 



Samantha joined the Aurora Animal Care Center in February of 2020. She graduated from Youngstown State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication and Business. She is currently working towards a M.A. in Professional Communication and will graduate December 2021. Samantha enjoys the family environment the clinic provides. She appreciates the dedication the team gives to its clients and patients. Samantha has three fur kids, Mocha Joe the Miniature Dachshund, a German Shepherd named Thor, and an Orange Tabby cat named Tony. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her friends and family as well as spending time outdoors. Few people know that Samantha was a competitive dancer and has been teaching dance since 2014.




Sandy has been with the Aurora Animal Care Center since 2004. She graduated from St. Joseph in Portland Maine with a BA in Healthcare Management in 1983, and a Nursing degree in 1961. Sandy holds a special interest in surgeries. Sandy enjoys working with her team and the team’s willingness to work together. Sandy has 6 cats; a Flame point Himalayan, Grace, DMH Tuxedo, Matthew, a Black Persian, Piper, a DMH Tiger, Pixie, Calico Persian, Tessa and DLH Flame point, Alexander. Sandy enjoys reading and indoor plants. Few people know that she dated the drummer from Brazill 66!


Sam the Alligator

Clinic Ambassador


Sam was found lost in our parking lot. After unsuccessfully trying to reunite him with his family, he decided that since we were so nice to take him in that he would just stay with us. He helps out any way that he can, offering his assistance and expertise to both the client and patient service teams. He is just as likely to be found helping to put away food, as he is to be working with the doctors on patient care. In his short stay with us, Sam has elevated himself to the status of DVM (claiming Ohio State University, of course)! We couldn't imagine life without him - as he has made friends with not only our staff, but also our clients and patients!




Ace was welcomed to our team in 2004.  He is our head greeter at our Mantua clinic. Most days you will find him basking in the sun in his comfortable chair, or gazing at the fish swimming around in their tank. He loves all the love and attention he gets from each and every staff member, and poses perfectly for all of our adorable selfies.